Potholes in local streets are pain in the asphalt

We are in that season where it seems there is a pothole for every car out there. But while city crews in the metro are working on the problem, the potholes just seem to populate even more.

Pothole in Fargo
Ryan Longnecker / WDAY News

FARGO — We drive around them, we drive through them, and we sometimes curse them. Ice is melting on roads across the area, revealing what a cold winter left behind. Craters for cars.

In Fargo Wednesday, March 15, WDAY News caught up with a Fargo city street department crew, blowing out, drying out holes in the streets, prepping them for a load of bagged asphalt mix.

The city hopes the mix will help, maybe even be permanent, but the ground is still frozen, so often this is just a temporary fix.

"(Warmer) Temperatures during the day but freezing at night, so a lot of times that freeze-thaw is hard on the roadway and cause the potholes to open up," said Fargo Public Works Service manager Paul Fiechtner.

Because of all the recent snow storms, city crews are busy widening roads and clearing drains. While important, potholes are just part of the job. On top of it all, the asphalt plants don't get up and running for another two months.


People WDAY News talked to said they noticed the potholes everywhere.

"I just kind of plow through them," said one driver.

Some people have a strategy for dealing with them.

"I try to keep in the inner lane so I don't have to worry about potholes by the curbs. You have to have a strategy, or you will have to go in and have your front end aligned," said another Fargo driver.

The season of potholes also brings out the sarcasm on social media, with pictures of people fishing from potholes or bringing the Titanic into the conversation. It's a little humor as we drive and dodge our way to spring.

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