Red River Zoo welcomes new Sichuan takin baby

The baby, named Mei Ling, is the daughter of Jiang Li and Sulu and is one of five takin now at the zoo.

Mei Ling climbs on top of her sister, Lha Mi, Friday.
Contributed / Steve Elwell

FARGO — Mei Ling, which means "spirited" in Chinese, is a takin who was born only 20 days ago on April 2. Takins are native to China.

She has spent the last few weeks with her mom and now is out on exhibit at the Red River Zoo.

Mei Ling is significantly smaller than her two sisters, mom and dad, but don't expect her to stay like that for long.

"She looks super tiny. They look so tiny when they're born, but she was about 14 pounds, and they're between 10 and 15 pounds when they're born, so she's a healthy little girl," said Red River Zoo executive director Sally Jacobson. "And they'll grow to be about 700 pounds."

So far, she has fit right in.


"She goes in with mom at night in their own stall, but she acclimated to the rest of the group really well. And it's just adorable to see them out, popping around, and especially right in time here for Earth Day and Party for the Planet," Jacobson said.

Those who want to see Mei Ling in person can catch her Saturday, April 23, at Party for the Planet and every day from here on out.

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