Shanley Athletic Director shares Deacon pride for Roger Maris

Aaron Judge is one home run away from breaking Roger Maris's record. The athletic director at Maris's alma mater shares his thoughts on the home run race.

Roger Maris Museum at West Acres Mall.
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FARGO — For 61 years, Roger Maris was the home run king in American League baseball. He is now joined at the top of the list by a new face.

New York Yankee's Aaron Judge hit his 61st home run of the season in Toronto, Wednesday, Sept. 28, tying Maris' single season home run record in the American League. Roger Maris Jr. was in the crowd Wednesday to witness the moment.

Maris graduated from Shanley High School in 1952, and went on to play in the MLB for 11 seasons.

Judge's accomplishments have brought Maris's name back into the national spotlight.

"You know anytime that Roger gets mentioned, inevitably Shanley gets mentioned and that's great for us. But, they just have been so supportive through the golf tournament and different things with us, that we can't be more proud to have them associated with us," said Reggie Jackson, Athletic Director at Shanley High Schools.


Judge needs to hit one more home run in the next seven games to break the record set by Maris.

"I think it's just gracious, you know if he does, he does, wish him the best. At the same time records are meant to be broken so no ill will," he said.

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