Snow removal company maintains a monstrous mountain of snow

Contract workers reveal what it takes to keep Mount Fargo in tip-top shape

Mount Fargo as seen on Friday, Jan. 28 2022.
Derek Zimmerman-Guyer / WDAY News

FARGO — The snow pile known as Mount Fargo by the city landfill is becoming a local legend.

While grabbing a ride in Glacier Snow Management's snow grooming vehicle, we learned this is year two of a two-year contract with the City of Fargo.

"I think we're the best in town for sure. We like to bring a lot of equipment to the party and get the job done," said Glacier operations manager Jeremy Lindstrom.

Mt. Fargo currently stands nearly 70 feet tall, and it's growing every day. But why does the City of Fargo keep it groomed?

"We're just building up (because) we don't have the room (so) we got to go up. (...)It's easier to go up and spread out, so we can go as high as we want with the groomer. So ramp it up," Lindstrom explained.


Glacier Snow Management's job is to sweep the streets of our area of any snow. It's a 24/7 operation, and it takes plenty of manpower to haul as much snow as possible.

"We think the city said they're running 35 to 40 trucks at night, so there's quite a few people running around at night here so they time it slows down but nights when the party starts," Lindstrom said.

For anyone wondering about sledding down Mount Fargo, it's still not allowed nor advised.

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