FARGO — Considering her senior living facility was evacuated due to a fire, 91-year-old Helen Youngs couldn't ask for a better situation.

She is one of many Elim Rehab & Care Center residents staying at Eventide in Moorhead after a major fire forced 111 residents out Thursday, Jan. 23.

But despite the inconvenience, she is now just two blocks away from her grandchildren who are attending Concordia College.

"I will see you a lot more Grandma, we can spend some time together," David Youngs said. "You can do my homework for me," he joked.

The last 24 hours were a rollercoaster for Helen's family. Her son, Vic Youngs, couldn't believe the news when his son, David, called to tell him about the fire.

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After hearing the news, he arrived at the facility only to find out the flames were coming out of Helen's hallway.

"We were very concerned," Vic said.

They were later relieved to learn that all living at the facility were safe.

"Elim's staff was unbelievable. They got everybody out of there," Vic said. "They were calm and got it done."

David said complimented Elim staff and first responders for handling the fire and evacuation "swiftly and promptly."

Before heading back to class at Concordia on Friday, David enjoyed some coloring time with his grandmother. Even though Helen lost her belongings in the fire at Elim, the family says nothing can replace her.

David said he was excited when he got a text from his parents saying his grandmother would be his new neighbor across the street.

"I haven't smiled that big in a long time," he said.