LAKE PARK, Minn. — When Fargo home inspector Lars Knobloch of Nordic Home Inspection checks out a house what doesn't want to see this time of year are exhaust pipes plugged with ice.

"There would no longer be exhaust going out and your furnace could shut down and carbon monoxide could get back into the house," Knobloch explained.

Experts in the heating and cooling business say once ice buildup is identified in or on pipes, it is best for a professional to repair the issue.

The town of Lake Park, Minnesota took to Facebook, urging homeowners to do a walk-around of their house, inside and out.

The Lake Park Fire Department posted a photo as a reminder to those in town to be aware of what can happen.

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"(We)Put it on social media, urging them to look at your neighbor's house too, we are a friendly community and hopefully, one neighbor can help another and that is what its all about," said Lake Park Fire Chief Dave Coufal.

Whether they are on the roof, or pipes coming out of the home, clearing snow and ice from gas meters, sewer and furnace vents are all a priority on that to do list.