UPDATE: Former Fargo woman reflects on all that's been lost in Paradise, California

PARADISE, CA-- "I haven't stood in the ashes yet, but from the looks of the picture I can think of very few things I could even expect to see," said Former Fargo resident, Catherine Miyamoto.

Catherine once owned, a beautiful home tucked back in the ponderosa pines. Now, the wildfires in Paradise, California claimed Catherine Miyamoto's home and thousands of others.

But, it's not the loss of building and belongings that hurts her the most, "I liked the house, but I loved the trees so really that was the bigger loss for me," said Miyamoto.

This is a map of Paradise. All the red dots are buildings, businesses and homes that the fire claimed as its own. The only thing left of the life Catherine loved is her Church.

With most of her life left in the ashes, She's considering buying an RV and leaving it all behind, "If Paradise doesn't come back I can just drive away, so that's a possibility," said Miyamoto.

A sense of duty to the quaint, California town put those ideas to rest right away, "Someone built the Paradise that I moved into right? So, couldn't I help make Paradise be Paradise again," said Miyamoto.

Fortunately, she won't have to do it alone. The members of her Church are meeting this Sunday.

In a time of so much loss to reflect on all they still have, "There's a kindness that follows too," said Miyamoto.