FARGO — The Fargo Parks District Board is weighing its options to add recreation elements within the larger F-M Diversion Project that would provide flood control along the Red River.

Joni Giese of SRF Consulting Group, which is assisting with the project, presented an update on the design of recreational aesthetic features to the board Tuesday, Aug. 6.

According to Giese, the goals of the recreation design are to provide a range of year-round activities, restore native plants and create habitat, create a distinct and branded attraction, and provide connectivity.

She said they are considering an array of traditional recreation options, such as trails or disc golf courses, but also some that might fulfill other purposes, such as research, education, or energy production.

“We’re thinking very broadly about this,” Giese said.

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She said the Army Corps is planning to plant prairie grasses to stabilize the diversion channel, but there might be opportunities for more creative vegetation along the channel’s sides.

The master plan is scheduled to be completed by next summer.

Residents are invited to vote for prospective recreation designs and provide additional input in a forthcoming survey that will appear on fmmetrocog.org within the next week.