WEST FARGO-President Trump may have come to Fargo Wednesday to support Congressman Kevin Cramer's run for U.S. Senate, but it was the "MyPillow Guy" who got a lot of praise.

In the beginning of his speech, the president gave several shoutouts and thank yous to politicians and other people in the crowd.

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He gave one of his biggest shoutouts to Mike Lindell, the MyPillow CEO, saying "I even use them, believe it or not."

He commented how the Lindell has been a Trump supporter since "day one." He also said how Lindell should be "the president's ad buyer."

At one point, the president turned around to where Lindell was sitting and said, "I haven't ask him yet, will you be my ad buyer, please, Mike?" That comment received a lot of cheers from the crowd.

In total, the president spent about a minute of his speech talking about Lindell.

The MyPillow headquarters are based in Minnesota.