FARGO-The fight over recreational marijuana in North Dakota is coming to your commercial breaks, social media feed and even highways.

Signs telling people to vote 'yes' or 'no' are popping up rapidly on lawns across North Dakota.

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Both sides are saying the closer we get to voting day, the harder it will be to miss their message.

Billboards against the bill may soon join your commute through Fargo or Bismarck later this month.

A billboard design saying things like, 'pot edibles,' 'no potency limits,' is the latest 'vote no' ad announced by Healthy and Productive North Dakota.

Campaign signs against the bill even showed up outside a Fargo hospital.

Those 'vote no for measure 3' signs were seen on hospital property, right next to the Essentia Health Cancer Clinic by University Drive. Now they're gone.

The health group sent a statement, saying one of their employees posted the signs.

That person didn't know they have a policy against campaign materials.

We did find out, Essentia Health is on the list of groups backing up 'Vote No on 3.'

"We're in the final home stretch here," adviser for Legalize ND Cole Haymond said.

Groups on the 'vote yes' side are beefing up their efforts too.

On Monday, the headquarters for Legalize ND set up shop at 512 Broadway in Downtown Fargo.

Using donations from voters and small businesses, they too are are making a push to get their message out.

"Whether it be web ads, television, direct mail, radio. We'll let our opponents stick to billboards," Haymond said. "Let them have that."

The headquarters property was donated by Discontent.

They plan on opening a "lifestyle shop" at the same location if Measure 3 passes.