BARNESVILLE, Minn. — An unofficial count shows voters here have passed all three measures in a school bond referendum that will raise more than $27 million for improvements to Barnesville Public Schools.

Superintendent Jon Ellerbusch said election officials needed to hand count the absentee ballots because the ballot machines wouldn't count the ones with folds in the paper. That caused a delay in an official tally. Below are counts as of 10:15 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 13.

Question one asks for more than $24 million to repair, remodel and upgrade Atkinson Elementary and Barnesville High School and their facilities:

  • Yes - 1082
  • No - 627

Question two asks for $1.5 million to finish a balcony to expand the auditorium and build an elevated walking track:

  • Yes - 950
  • No - 753

Question three asks for nearly $1.5 million to build an overhead connecting link between the high school and elementary school:

  • Yes 890
  • No 812
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