WEST FARGO — When Vikki Hutchinson opened a letter from the Cass County assessor’s office last week, she found a receipt for a payment she didn't make, but soon discovered that all the back taxes on her mobile home had been paid in full.

She called the office to make sure she was reading the letter correctly, and they assured her she was right. The $200 in delinquent taxes she owed on her manufactured home in West Fargo’s Brookwood Mobile Home Park had been paid off.

Hutchinson, a seamstress, couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She struggles to pay her rent and electric bills on time, and she said the anonymous donation was a financial and emotional boost just in time for Christmas.

“It was an anonymous person,” Hutchinson said. “And he paid all the back property taxes in Cass County, they told me.”

The unidentified male didn’t pay off all of the delinquent property taxes, County Director of Equalization Paul Fracassi said — he paid all back taxes on Cass County's mobile homes.

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“He said it was a good time of year so he went ahead and paid them all off,” Fracassi said. “He just wanted to pay it forward a little bit.”

The anonymous person paid $2,725.17 in delinquent taxes for 22 mobile home owners across Cass County. Most of the recipients were located in Fargo and West Fargo, Fracassi said.

“I’ve never seen it before in the three years I’ve been with the county,” Fracassi said.

Most mobile home owners rent the land, but own their homes, he said. A landowner's property taxes and mobile home taxes are paid separately.

Mobile home property taxes are dependent on the condition and the year a manufactured home was built, Fracassi said. The largest outstanding bill was $265, and the lowest was $50, he said.