MOORHEAD — Officials have shifted slightly the location of a proposed dog park in south Moorhead.

In September, more than 400 people provided feedback prior to a Moorhead City Council decision pinpointing where a proposed dog park will be located in River Oaks Park.

The location, known as Option 2, was one of three spots in the park the council had to choose from, with the site selected being in the central part of the park and about 450 feet from nearby homes.

At a meeting this past week, the city council reconsidered its decision after discovering that the initial location picked for the dog park could not be built on because it contained FEMA deed-restricted lots, as it was part of flood buyout land.

The council took another vote and the dog park location was shifted farther west in the park to a spot called Option 3, which is even farther from neighboring homes.

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The latest decision was met with approval from one property owner who spoke at the city council meeting.

Parks and Recreation Department Director Holly Heitkamp said decisions have yet to be made regarding just how the dog park will be set up.

One option is a fence-free park where dogs can run and play off leash, which officials said is how the area is already being used by residents in the area.

Another option would be to use limited fencing to create a protected space for small dogs.

City officials have said donations will be sought to help pay for amenities that could include benches, picnic tables and dog park equipment.

River Oaks Park, which is not fully developed, was part of a flood buyout program years ago and is on a long, thin oxbow of the Red River.