CASS COUNTY, N.D. — The Cass County Highway Department is seeking public input regarding potential speed limit changes to select paved county highways.

After receiving requests for various paved highways to have speed limits increased to 65 mph, Cass County began evaluating its two-lane paved road network to determine which highways were suitable candidates.

North Dakota state law allows paved county highways to have a maximum speed limit of 65 mph if posted at that speed.

Many of the residents that use the highways in question also use North Dakota Highways 18, 38, and 46 which are two-lane highways posted at 65 mph

Based on this analysis, 134 miles of Cass County’s highways were recommended as candidates for 65 mph speed limits. These roads include Cass 6 from ND 18 to Cass 38; Cass 10 from Wheatland to Mapleton; Cass 4 from ND 38 to Argusville; Cass 26 from Barnes County to I-29; Cass 38 from ND 46 to I-94; Cass 11 from Mapleton to Cass 4; and Cass 15 from Kindred to I-94.

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An online poll and space to provide comments on the issue is available at