MOORHEAD — The Senior advisor to Donald Trump's Presidential Campaign stopped by Moorhead today as part of an early voting push.

John Pence--Trump's campaign advisor-- reminded people there are just 42 days until the presidential election. Dozens of people came to the Republican Victory office to hear him speak and urge people to take advantage of early voting.

Pence emphasized volunteers for the Trump campaign have got over 20-thousand new voters to register in Minnesota in the past three weeks.

Pence said he is here, "to continue to let them know that President Trump is fighting for all of us and now we need to return the favor and fight for him so he's reelected for 4 more years."

He said there's more work to do before election day "Looking each other in the eye and saying what more can we do--for our president- for our party- and for our country in these next 42 days."