BARNES COUNTY - A candidate for Barnes County State's Attorney said she's shocked and angry after opening a package mailed to her home that was filled with feces.

Lilie Schoenack tracked the package back to a website actually called ""

It is actually a legitimate website, that allows you to send these feces filled packages to people. The site makes senders promise it's just a "gag gift" and not being used to harass or threaten anyone.

But with the election just five days away, this candidate isn't laughing, she said she felt both harassed and threatened.

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"There's no reason whatsoever to believe it's anything but that, so it's just troubling to me that people are capable of this," Schoenack said, "It's just sort of a metaphor or symbol of the way this whole election has gone."

She'll consider pursuing legal action with a U.S. state attorney.