Grace Electric giving cash to government employees not getting a paycheck

Government employees will not be getting a paycheck Friday, Jan. 11, marking the first missed payment since the partial government shutdown started 19 days before. One Moorhead business is doing what it can to help.


MOORHEAD — The owner of a local electrical business is offering cash to federal government employees who wont get a paycheck because of the government shutdown.

Grace Cummings Pas, owner of Grace Electric, said her background working for a union in her early 20s made her feel sympathetic to furloughed federal employees and those working for no pay. That's why she's paying money out of pocket to any federal employees her business has done work for in the past

"I remembered how awful that was," she said. "I know what that loss felt like, and if there's somebody out there we did some work for, I'll give you $200 dollars."


"A lot of this news about the shutdown resonates with her and this is her way of acting on it," said her son, Devlin Cummings Pas, who works as an electrician at Grace Electric.

The reaction has attracted attention on social media: hundreds of likes, and plenty of support on her Facebook post about the offer.

"Ding ding ding," she said, mimicking her phone lighting up with notifications.

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