Horace property owners to see tax increase after controversial assessments approved by city

HORACE, N.D. — Controversial home valuations got the green light when on Monday, April 20, when the City Council voted to approve nearly all of the new property value assessments.

The assessments were unanimously approved by the council during a Zoom meeting.

It's the latest development of a two-year process that got underway because Horace was behind in their valuations, undervaluing properties in the city. Cass County has been in the process of getting them up to speed and as close to accurate market value as possible.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, assessors and residents were going to meet in person, but instead, most were contacted by phone.

More than 70 percent of the city's properties were looked at, though some people refused to allow assessors into their homes or to even measure their houses.


Now, homeowners will pay more in taxes. The average property tax is projected to go up by as much as 22 percent across the board, with one property's value being increased by more than $100,000.

All assessed values in the city totaled $369 million, up nearly $70 million from 2019.

Residents who disagree with the valuation can appeal their property appraisal at the county and state level.

"We're well aware that was a big impact," said Horace Mayor Kory Peterson. "It's so unfortunate, because it was long overdue and this hasn't been done before. This is kind of where we're at, so yes, we're well aware of what we're going to have to do for budgeting, and this coronavirus added more 'fun and games' to it as well."

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