Lake Park-Audubon Public Schools to hold referendum vote Tuesday

The two-town district will vote on whether or not to make improvements to its current schools.

LAKE PARK, Minn. — The Lake Park-Audubon school district plans on holding a referendum vote Tuesday, Nov. 2.

Question 1 would make alterations to the district's elementary school. The school was built in the 1950s, and if the measure passes, the school would be partially demolished and then renovated.

Larger classrooms would be added to better fit new students and current enrollment, while air conditioning and a modern HVAC system would be added, as well.

If passed, the vote would move to Question 2, which would expand Lake Park-Audubon High School's Career and Technical Education wing, which trains students for careers in the trades.

Additionally, learning spaces would be added for students.


In total, the plan would cost just under $23 million.

"When the high school was built, enrollment increased. The population of the town increased. When you build a school, you renovate a school, you do tend to pull more people into your district," said Lake Park-Audubon Superintendent Dr. Tim Godfrey. "Well, in long term that's going to also boost the local economy and prop up our businesses in town."

If passed, the average homeowner in the region's taxes would increase $120 per year.

Ben Morris joined WDAY in June of 2021 as a news reporter. He grew up in southern New Hampshire, before he moved to Fargo. He majored in media communications and minored in marketing at the University of Toledo in Ohio.
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