Detroit Lakes city acts on excessive signs by house on Curry Avenue

City ordinances allow for one four-square-foot sign

Signs line the boulevard at 218 Curry Avenue, Detroit Lakes.
Barbie Porter / Detroit Lakes Tribune
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DETROIT LAKES — Signs, signs, everywhere are signs at 218 Curry Avenue, Detroit Lakes. Some signs claim the writer knows the cure for muffin top, body odor and skin cancer, while another requests people not use phones while driving.

A total of 30 claims and requests on hand-painted signs were posted on private property near the curb. The City of Detroit Lakes cited the property owners (Jerry and Rebecca Bentley of Park Rapids) and the tenant (Maxim Bentley) for violating the city’s sign and nuisance ordinances.

A process of notification is required, as well as providing time to correct the violation before the city can take the next step of action, said Detroit Lakes City Administrator Kelcy Klemm. The property owners and the tenant were given until June 20, 2022 to bring the property into compliance.

City ordinance compliance means the property can have one sign, with a maximum size of up to four square feet.

In the notice of violation letter that was sent to the renter and property owners, it states that traffic has increased on the residential street due to the collection of signs, which created an additional nuisance to neighboring properties. Violations of city code 901.01 sub. 1 and sub. 3 were cited.


“Please remove all signs, but one that measures up to four square feet, immediately to bring your property into compliance,” the notice of violation reads. “If the signs are still up by the listed deadline (June 20), you may be charged $200 per day. ...”

In a phone conversation, Klemm stated the violations can include administrative fees and the city has a secondary option of a misdemeanor criminal citation.

The process to address the nuisance property began May 31 of this year, which is the first date of inspection listed on the notice of violation. The second inspection date was June 8 with a notice of violation being delivered on June 9, 2022.

The property owners, Jerry and Rebecca Bentley of Park Rapids, and their tenant, Maxim Bently were given a notice of violation for excessive signs and creating a nuisance for neighbors due to increased traffic.
Barbie Porter / Detroit Lakes Tribune

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