Fargo police respond to false report of shooting

Friday incident in Fargo could have ended badly, police say

Police General

FARGO — A false report to police of a shooting in far south Fargo Friday afternoon, July 23, could have ended badly, but instead it served as an example of something officers and city residents should never have to deal with, a police spokesman said.

Police issued a news release Friday afternoon stating that at around 1 p.m. officers responded to a south Fargo residence based on a caller reporting an accidental shooting.

The phone call evoked "a very strong emergency response from our officers," said Lt. Shannon Ruziska, who spoke at a news conference held at police headquarters Friday afternoon.

Ruziska said responding officers quickly determined there was no problem at the residence referenced in the call, but he said such calls nonetheless create a horrible situation for the public.

"The crime here is terrorizing. It is a felony crime," Ruziska said, referring to the type of charge someone may face if they falsely report a shooting.


He said during what was a busy day for the police department a majority of the department's day shift responded to the call.

In such situations, Ruziska said, police act quickly to stop any ongoing threat and to control the environment, making for an uncertain and potentially dangerous situation.

Police said no one was hurt in the incident, which remains under investigation.

No other details were available.

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