Fiancé of alleged downtown bar shooter: 'Turn yourself in'

Brandon Grant, 43, is wanted for three counts of attempted murder and three counts of aggravated assault.

Fianceé of alleged downtown bar shooter: 'Turn yourself in'
Antoinette Rodriguez wipes tears from her face.

FARGO — "It's really hard," said Brandon Grant's fiancé, Antoinette Rodriguez. She says its been days of non-stop worrying if her future husband is OK.

"He had numerous people stomp on his head, he has a history of seizures and complications," Rodriguez said.

The night of Feb. 21 was supposed to be a date night after the couple just had a daughter a month ago.

"We just ordered a drink, we didn't even get it," she said.


That's when Brandon Grant's fiancé claims he was attacked when a group of men had FaceTimed a friend asking if Grant was the one who allegedly inappropriately touched an underage girl.

"The guy on the screen said 'That's him,' they jumped on him, his chair fell back, that's when I was kicked in the stomach," Rodriguez said.

Eventually, everyone involved was pushed out the back door. That's why Atoinette Rodriguez thinks the shooting could have been prevented.

"I feel like the bar could have done better handling the situation," she said.

Rodriguez said she stayed in the bar to collect their stuff. By the time she got outside she didn't see anything and ran to a friend's house, claiming people were still hurling insults at her. After she couldn't get a hold of Grant for a few hours she began checking area hospitals and jail rosters. She then saw the reports there had been a shooting.

"I initially thought he was the one who was hurt," Rodriguez said.

Instead police say he was the shooter. While she did not see the shooting, she maintains Grant acted in self-defense. He has not been seen since.


"Not having him around and being scared is a lot," she said.

His fiancé says she went into hiding the next night after an incident at her home, what she thinks may have been retaliation.

"A beer bottle was thrown at my house, and I was called a pedophile," she recalled.

Rodriguez says she is constantly checking news sites hoping her her fiancé does the right thing, and turns himself in.

"Please Brandon, turn yourself in. I love you and just be safe," she said.

No charges have been filed in connection with the alleged attack on Brandon Grant.

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