Minnesota teachers see greater vaccine availability as numbers jump week to week

Moorhead Public School's vaccine allotment jumped from 19 to 210.

Clay County Public Health's Vaccine Clinic is open by invite only due to a limited supply of vaccines. The state is focusing on hosptial staff, long term care facility workers, and some teachers.

It's an opportunity in limited supply.

"When can we get our shot? and we are getting very limited vaccinations from our state health department of vaccine," said Cheryl Sapp, Clay County Public Health vaccine clinic manager.

The supply Public Health says they are sure to capitalize on.

"We are very proud to say we have not wasted one dose," said Sapp.


Fifth grade teacher Kye Anderson has worked for DGF Public Schools for 11 years.

He says 100 of his coworkers got vaccinated at the site this week.

"I'm hoping to have kids back in the classroom that will be really nice to get back into that normal aspect of school for me," said Anderson.

Bringing students back is also the goal for Bethany Peterson, a social worker at Moorhead Public Schools.

"Being away from the kids when we were in distance learning was really hard and being able to reach out to them we had to get kind of creative. And there was barriers," said Peterson.

Last week Moorhead got 19 vaccination slots.

This week the district got just over 200.


"We really view that as a game changer," said Brandon Lunak, superintendent of Moorhead Public Schools.

Every Monday, he learns how many vaccines the district gets that week.

"The information comes at us fast - it comes at us furious and we don't get to control when it comes at us either," said Lunak.

He asks for patience during an unprecedented time for everyone.

"It's something you hear about in history but you don't think it's going to happen in reality now," said Anderson.

As history continues to be written, by those who teach it.

Moorhead public schools has more than 1,300 teachers and staff to vaccinate.

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