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Fisher, Minnesota mom gives birth to baby in truck on the way to the hospital

Some babies leave the hospital in a truck. The nurses in Crookston say baby Arlo is the first one to arrive in one.

Arlo Nicholas Merlin Sorlien of Fisher, Minnesota was born in his parent's truck on the way to the hospital.
Contributed / Sorlien family
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FISHER — Little Arlo Sorlein is currently hospitalized at Altru Health System in Grand Forks this week after his incredible arrival.

"(A)t 6:30 in the morning I woke up to being in such extreme pain I could not even (...) walk (or) move. It was just an indescribable pain," said Arlo's mom, Maggie Sorlein.

A church in Rollag, Minnesota is preparing for a big celebration this weekend, put on by its five-member congregation.

Maggie Sorlein has three boys born via C-section but Arlo decided he wasn't waiting. He would come early and fast.

"And so I was screaming — my husband was in the garage, he let the dogs out — and so I made my way outside, and he put me in the truck and panicked, of course," Maggie Sorlein said. "He didn't know what was going on.

From Fisher, Minnesota, they headed out, on their way to RiverView Health in Crookston.


"The contractions were so severe and I could not control the urge to push, and so he's like, 'no, you need to hold him in,' and I was like, 'I can't hold him in,'" Maggie Sorlein said.

Maggie Sorlein, her nervous husband Nick Sorlein, and a baby who started the countdown clock headed down U.S. Highway 2 to the hospital.

"And so I had to push, and my water broke, and his head came out, and so then he (her husband) was like, 'oh my gosh, is the baby on the floor,'" Maggie Sorlein said.

The couple tried everything while driving down the highway to keep Arlo from making his quick entrance, but as they approached Crookston, all bets were off.

"Somehow I managed to push him out, catch him — he didn't hit the floor," Maggie Sorlein said. "I caught him, I put him on my chest, and even though it was such intense pain, I was able to just, like, instinctually know to clear his mouth. I put my own mouth on his nose and I sucked the mucus out of his nose. (I) happened to bring a blanket from the couch with me, and so I ruffled him up with the blanket and (he) cried. It was just about a minute or so, and he was crying that sweet, little, newborn cry and we were just like, 'Oh, thank God.'"

Arlo came a couple of weeks early and spent a few days at Altru in the NICU. But this mom feels nothing but gratefulness.

"It's a gift from God. It is magical, and it's a miracle and I am just so thankful and I'm so blessed to have such a healthy, wonderful baby," Maggie Sorlein said.

On Friday, July 15, Arlo recieved a welcome party thrown by his three big brothers.


IMG_1495 (1).jpg
From left to right: Nixin, age 6, Kaiser, age 2, and Sebastian aged 10 are throwing a welcome party for the newborn brother Arlo.
Contributed / Sorlien family

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