Search warrants related to arrest of Mekhi Speed, shooting of Amir Locke unsealed

Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill approved the no knock entry warrants. They were sought as part of an investigation into the Jan. 10 fatal shooting of Otis R. Edler, 38, in St. Paul.

Minneapolis police officers execute a “no knock” search warrant, seen in an image from body camera footage, in Minneapolis on Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2022. The video, released Thursday, Feb. 3, shows the fatal shooting of Amir Locke, 22, by police executing a search warrant in a St. Paul homicide investigation. St. Paul police sought a “knock and announce” warrant, but Minneapolis police said they would not carry out the warrant unless it was “no knock,” law enforcement sources said Friday, Feb. 4.
Courtesy / Minneapolis Police Department via St. Paul Pioneer Press
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ST. PAUL -- A Hennepin County judge on Thursday lifted the seal on seven search warrants associated with the arrest of Mekhi Speed and subsequent shooting death of Speed’s cousin, Amir Locke, by a Minneapolis police officer in a downtown apartment.

The documents state that police sought a “no knock entry” warrant for the Minneapolis apartment because they feared “the loss, destruction or removal of the objects of the search or to protect the safety of the searchers or the public because … (the homicide) was a violent robbery where the suspect shot the victim…”

Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill approved the no knock entry warrants. They were sought as part of an investigation into the Jan. 10 fatal shooting of Otis R. Edler, 38, in St. Paul.

The warrants were originally filed as confidential because their focus was a juvenile. Hennepin County Judge Mark Kappelhoff opted to release the warrants because “any interest the subject of the warrants has in keeping the warrants confidential is outweighed by the public’s interest in access to the information,” he wrote in an order timestamped 4:49 p.m. Feb. 9.

As part of the release, he redacted the names, birth dates and addresses of any minors identified in the documents, “to protect the privacy interests of the minors.”


Shooting investigation

In the charges against Speed, authorities say Elder was shot during a robbery or attempted robbery. Speed is alleged to be the shooter.

Six of the search warrants were for apartments in the Bolero Flats complex at 1117 Marquette Ave. S. in Minneapolis. Three were filed two separate days, Jan. 31 and Feb. 1.

Apartment 1402 is rented to a woman who lists Mekhi Speed as a child who lives with her. She was not present during the searches.

Apartment 1403 is rented to Abdulaziz Ibrahim Robe, 26. Police had information that Mohamed Ibrahim Robe, 22, and Isaak Ibrahim Robe, 22, are Abdulaziz Robe’s brothers and frequent that address. Police had video evidence and other documentation putting one or more of the brothers at the scene of Elder’s murder with Mekhi Speed and in a stolen Mercedes related to the shooting. They were not present during the search.

Apartment 701 is rented to Tatyana Alexus Henderson, 22. Her boyfriend Marlon Cornelius Speed Jr, 23, lives with her. Marlon Speed is Mekhi Speed’s brother. According to court documents, Mekhi Speed had a key to this apartment. Speed’s brother and girlfriend were present when police entered to search at 6:48 a.m. Feb. 2.

It was in apartment 701 that Minneapolis police, initiating the “no-knock warrant,” encountered Locke, who was on the couch when police entered. According to body camera footage released by the MPD, Locke had a gun in his hand when police entered, and was subsequently shot by an officer. Locke was not a subject of the search warrants.

Amir Locke.jpg
Amir Locke
Courtesy of the Locke family via Jeff Storms

One other address is listed in the warrants, 2740 Minnehaha Ave., apartment. 308, in Minneapolis. It was not clear in the warrants who may have been at this address.

Stolen Mercedes Benz

The warrants also spell out the activity of the stolen 2014 gray Mercedes Benz with a Massachusetts plate that was at the scene where Elder was shot. It has an illuminated front Mercedes-Benz emblem, a recognizable feature in surveillance video.


According to the warrants:

  • On Nov. 27 the car was stolen after it was taken for a test drive. It was seen again Dec. 1 near Fifth Avenue and Franklin.
  • On Dec. 6, it was used in an armed robbery at the Ted Mann Concert Hall parking lot.
  • On Dec. 28, it was listed as a suspect vehicle in two other armed robberies that day and one law enforcement agency noted a Somali man with a gun was seen near the vehicle.
  • It was used in another theft on Jan. 4.
  • On Jan. 7, the car was involved with the theft of a Maserati at 2620 24th Ave. in Minneapolis. The victim of the theft found a photo online of the stolen Maserati. The photo was taken in a garage. An Instagram account tagged in the photo of the stolen Maserati, led police to the Robe brothers.
  • Video footage taken on Jan. 10 of the Bolero Flats parking ramp shows two people matching the suspects involved in Elder’s murder exiting the Mercedes. One was a juvenile, the other one was Speed.
  • On Jan. 21, the Mercedes was located by an off-duty University of Minnesota police officer in the Leamington parking ramp at 1001 Second Ave. The vehicle was secured and towed to the St. Paul Police impound lot. Mekhi Speed’s fingerprints were found on the Mercedes.

Other Instagram accounts linked with the one showing the stolen Maserati showed videos of the suspects in a Mercedes and several photos of Speed displaying guns and cash.
On Monday, Speed was located in Winona about 3:45 p.m. He was a passenger in a vehicle, which officers found at a gas station, according to Winona police.

He tried to run away and an officer grabbed his jacket, which he struggled out of. Police arrested him and found a loaded gun in his jacket, according to the petition. Speed was taken to the Ramsey County Juvenile Detention Center. He did not speak with investigators.

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