Stretch of Highway 52 south of Sabin set to close due to flooding

Clay County Sheriff Mark Empting says the section of the Highway between County Road 11 and County Road 21 will be closed for several days once completely submerged.

Cars continue to drive on Highway 52 south of Sabin, Minnesota, as water begins to creep onto the roadway prior to the highway's closure Friday, April 14.
Finn Harrison / WDAY News

SABIN — A stretch of Highway 52 just south of Sabin is closing as a result of rising waters. The area of the highway that will be shutdown is between County Road 11 and County Road 21.

Clay County Sheriff Mark Empting said this part of the highway will likely be closed for five to seven days once submerged.

He said this section of Highway 52 doesn't flood every year, but it has been known to do so.

"This is somewhat of a different year for us but whenever we do have our large floods this road is typically covered underwater," Empting said.

He said work has been done to improve the area in recent years, but even that hasn't been enough to completely solve the flooding problem on that part of the highway.


According to Empting, the road being closed is more than just a warning and that there are dangerous risks associated with trying to cross any flooded roadway.

"Not knowing if that road is there or not, or how fast that water is moving, if your vehicle could get washed off the road or not. So it's just very important if you can avoid this area (and) avoid traveling through standing or moving water," Empting said.

And ignoring the signs will also result in a fine, as Empting says there is a monetary penalty for ignoring the barriers.

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