Moorhead Public Housing Agency in need of movers while dealing with sprinkler damage

It is a call for help to any moving companies and potential volunteers. A fire at a Moorhead Public Housing Agency high-rise is making some units unsafe for its tenants, and they have to temporarily relocate. Anyone who wants to help is asked to get in touch with the Moorhead Public Housing Agency right away. Service coordinator Tanya Kunza can be reached at 218-299-5456.

MOORHEAD — A fire caused by smoking inside one of the units at Riverview Heights high-rise at 800 2nd Ave. N. late last month is forcing residents to temporarily move out.

Staff found hotel rooms for residents during repairs, but they still need help getting all their furniture out, and they have to do it as soon as possible.

"The damage really wasn't from the fires per se, it was from our sprinklers and the water," said Moorhead Public Housing Agency executive director Dawn Bacon.

That water hit 16 units, making some of them unsafe. While much of the damage is on one floor, you can see its effects on the elevator ride up. Its door opens noticeably slower than it did before. Wet drywall is already out of the hallways leading to the units, getting removed as soon as possible to prevent mold.

Inside the unit where the fire triggered sprinklers, the sopping wet flooring and lower chunks of the drywall are already taken out. Neighboring units are not damaged this badly, but all it takes is a small amount of water for an entire overhaul.


"Flooring is a big deal though, because if there's just a little bit of moisture, we have to rip out all of the flooring," Bacon said.

They need to get into the other units fast before the walls and floors keep sponging up the water — and get the people they serve back home.

"Many people have disabilities, many people have a history of homelessness, so they've been through a lot," Bacon said.

She told WDAY News those tenants are staying resilient.

"Given the situation, they're doing great, and they've been very understanding and in a lot of communication with us and working with us on things, but it's also overwhelming," Bacon said.

They are contacting several moving companies. Anyone who wants to help is asked to call the Moorhead Public Housing Agency at 218-299-5456.

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