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'It was just a complete feeling of being hunted:' Moorhead man says he was struck by a taser on his walk home

He says the attack happened near JC Chumley's in Moorhead, early morning on Sunday, Aug. 7.

The railroad tracks behind JC Chumley's in Moorhead.
Mike McGurran / WDAY News
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MOORHEAD — What started as a fun night in downtown ended in a terrifying and strange experience for a Moorhead man.

The man, who asked to remain anonymous, said he was walking home from downtown Fargo after 1 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 7, when he spotted a man by the railroad tracks near J.C. Chumley's on Main Avenue.

"He seemed like an everyday average human, which is the scariest part to me," he said.

They walked together for a short time, making small talk. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary at first as they walked by a construction site on First Avenue in Moorhead.

That's when things changed.


"I looked back because he had stopped walking as well, and it was at that point I saw he had a taser pointed at my head about 6 or 10 feet behind me," he said. "And before I could even do anything he had shot me in the neck and the ear with the taser."

He supplied a picture to WDAY news, demonstrating visible injuries to his neck and ear.

Although he was in pain, he managed to run off with the taser probes still in him.

He got to the construction site, and says the man followed him for a while before getting away and making it home before calling the police.

WDAY News reached out to the Moorhead Police Department who confirmed the crime was reported, but had no other information available at this time.

"In the entire situation, it was just a complete feeling of I'm being hunted," he said. "So yeah, very terrifying and traumatic."

He says he has no plans on walking home from downtown Fargo anytime soon, and is aware of what a close call this was.

"I was so sick to my stomach," he said. "I thought I was actually going to puke thinking he was most likely, from what I got out of it, going to probably drug me and take me somewhere or just kill me on the spot."


He wants other people to be aware of what happened to him, as the man who attacked him could still be out there.

"You really just need to be careful and be safe guys, because this can happen to anybody," he said.

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