Moorhead third grader writes to school cook and gets triangle pizza pieces on menu

What started with a classroom writing exercise ended with the perfect piece of pizza

Robert Asp Elementary School third grader Josie Morris wrote a letter to the head cook at her school, politely asking for triangle-shaped pizza. The persuasive letter worked.
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MOORHEAD — In Mrs. Anderson's third-grade class on Friday, March 24, the coincidence was uncanny. Nine-year old Josie Morris was taking part in the morning geometry lesson.

After all, it was Morris who got the ball rolling with this.

"I wrote a persuasive letter to the head chef," Morris said.

She needed a topic for her persuasive letter lesson. And something had been on her mind: pepperoni pizza.

She wanted to change the school's lunch pizza and bring back triangle-shaped pieces.


"You get crust in every bite," she said.

So on Feb. 6, Morris fired off her letter to the head cook at Robert Asp Elementary:

Dear Head Chef,

My name is Josie Morris and I am a third grader at Robert Asp in Mrs. Anderson's room. I am writing this persuasive letter to ask a question.
Can you please add a triangle pizza to the menu? Have you eaten a triangle pizza? I have. It is easy to eat. I think it also tastes better and you get crust in every piece.

Please consider my request. Thank you for reading my letter.


Josie Morris
Third grader

Would the lunch staff be willing to switch from square or round pieces of pizza to Morris's favorite?


"It is easier to eat and handle," Morris said.

All this persuasive power of the pen from a third grader. A 9-year-old girl who decided that rather than just wishing for triangle pieces of pizza, she would take action.

"(I've) been here 11 years. I get persuasive letters every single year. I can't always accommodate, but this was one that was really cool. I sent it off to my boss, and she thought it was pretty neat. She said, 'I think we can accommodate this'," said Robert Asp Head Cook Jenn Clow.

The kitchen staff was so impressed with Morris's letter that next year, it will be triangle pizza all the time.

"It's a really great lesson. It's a lesson that says if you believe in something, and you really want something, ask for it. You're not always going to get 'yes' for your answer, a lot of times your going to get 'no,' but you have to ask," Clow said.

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