WEST FARGO — A major, nation-wide chlorine shortage could spoil poolside fun this summer.

Experts say there has been a huge increase in people installing pools in their back yards during the pandemic leading to an increase in demand for chlorine.

On top of that, a major fire at a chemical plant in Atlanta, Georgia happened last August, which destroyed some of the nation's chlorine supply.

Chlorine prices on Amazon have nearly doubled from where they were last summer.

The owner at Hot Springs Spas and Pool Tables, Vince Wuebker, says there's no need to panic. He says he hasn't seen the shortage and even called his suppliers who say they have chlorine in supply. He also says there's ways to clean pools without chlorine.

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"We're comfortable where we're at, our customers are well supplied, you know it's going to be a long hot summer. Great summer to enjoy a pool no matter how you sanitize it," Wuebker said.