Throughout the past week the nation has mourned the loss of President George H.W. Bush.

In the span of 4 days, his remains were brought from Houston to Maryland, then to the Capitol, and back again to Texas. Some got a close up look at the quiet sadness after the procession.

"For the chances that I was able to see the family in front of me - just seeing them standing there in the ceremony - it brought a little bit of joy to me because we were able to do that for them and their family," said Staff Sergeant Brett Krohn.

Minnesota native Brett Krohn was there on the first day in Texas with his platoon as a continental color guard- carrying the American flag. The news he would be in the funeral was a surprise, and an honor.

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"Actually, I was sleeping, and I got a call saying - hey pack your stuff, you're on flyaway, so I packed my stuff, got into work, and got my equipment ready," he said.

He says it was the first time he's ever gotten to do something like that, and reached loved ones back home.

"My family - especially my mother, she's going around gloating about me, always talking about me like -my son was part of the funeral for Bush - and I'm like, thanks mom."

But the proudest moment was just being there, representing the country's colors.

"To do something so high-visual - it was kind of a proud thing to represent the colors during such a huge event," said Krohn.