NDSU campus leaders meet with Black Lives Matter members after protests stemming from racial incidents

The university is already putting two initiatives in place.

A North Dakota State University student walks past Sevrinson Hall, a residence hall. Tanner Robinson / WDAY

FARGO — After making their voices heard through the quad and beyond at North Dakota State University, Black Lives Matter activists took to the meeting room Monday morning, Dec. 7, where they sat down with campus leaders.

Aeshia Williams, a Black NDSU student who spoke at one of the two protests this past weekend, said the meeting helped get the ball rolling.

"(The meeting's) definitely a start," she said in a phone interview. "They're taking a step in the right direction, and there's definitely a long way to go as far as building an understanding and building relationships with this group of students."

Williams said a key missing piece at Monday morning's meeting was NDSU President Dean Bresciani, whom the university said had another appointment during the time of the meeting.


She believes having him there would've resulted in more impact and less confusion about if any changes will be made to campus policy.

"It just shows more dedication and attention when our leader is there and present and actively trying to figure this out and get it for himself," Williams said.

NDSU Vice Provost Laura Oster-Aaland said in a statement she was "pleased to have this opportunity to continue to listen to and exchange information with our NDSU students."

She also outlined two initiatives the university is taking in light of several racial incidents over the past week, including a review of the university's code of conduct and diversity and inclusion training for incoming students, which starts in the fall of 2021.

Tanner Robinson is a producer for First News on WDAY-TV.
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