Former Griggs County Sheriff Bob Hook prepares to come out of retirement to return as sheriff

Bob Hook officially accepted the role of temporary sheriff for Griggs County at a special commission meeting on Tuesday.

Bob Hook
Bob Hook was the chief deputy and sheriff of Griggs County before retiring in 2017.
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COOPERSTOWN, N.D. — Progress is being made to have former Griggs County Sheriff Bob Hook become the new sheriff of Griggs County after the current sheriff's final day on Sept. 21.

At a special county commission meeting Tuesday, it was confirmed Hook will take over for Sheriff Amberly Michaelis, who abruptly resigned due to staffing and pay issues.

Hook retired in 2017 after serving as first chief deputy and sheriff of the department. He will be in the temporary position until the election on Nov. 8, when the county will elect a write-in candidate. That candidate can begin the following day, if they are qualified with training.

The commission on Tuesday approved Hook's salary and talked about bringing on another deputy. It was said that cannot happen until after Michaelis's final day.

Before officially accepting the role, Hook said he will need to take time off to continue his life in Bismarck and will need to complete the 12-week training process to renew his license if he stays on.


"I don't see myself running around the neighborhood 24 hours a day like I probably did in my 30s and 40s. I just want to make that clear up front. That is where I am at with that," he said. "I will make probably very frequent trips back to Bismarck for my time off, because I do have a life going here that I need to deal with. I'm just going to be straight up on that."

Hook made it in clear in the meeting he is coming out of retirement to help a community he's felt he has always been a part of.

"I really hope that the citizenry understands the situation that the county is in here right now because it is kind of a desperate time. The door is wide open to who knows what is coming if we aren't able to do something here," he said. "And I know I had no illusions of ever coming back and being sheriff, but I will do it to the point it works and it covers the need."

Hook will meet with other city officials to finalize the minor details needed to officially take over after Sept. 21.

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