Grand Forks pushes COVID-19 vaccines for 65 and older, as North Dakota leads the nation in vaccine dose rate

In Grand Forks County, 8.5% of people have had at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

GRAND FORKS — Grand Forks Public Health is pushing to get more people over 65 vaccinated.

In Grand Forks County, 8.5% of people got at least one dose and 4% of people have received both.

That's a little under the state's rate of 1 in ten North Dakotans with at least one dose of the vaccine.

There are now 400 vaccine providers giving out the shot across the state.

Twenty-two of those are in Grand Forks.


Grand Forks Public Health said the most important percentage for them is using 100% of their vaccine allocation every week.

"Those percentages, as long as we are using the vaccine that we are receiving, that's probably the most important thing to us. Getting those priority groups that we have aware of the vaccine and getting them vaccinated," said Tiffany Boespflug, BSN, RN with Grand Forks Public Health.

According to the CDC, North Dakota is leading the country with the highest rate of administered vaccines it has received.

"As we get more vaccines and we get more people vaccinated we can get back to more of a normal. We will have less burden of disease or death or the really serious complications that were seen earlier in the pandemic," Boespflug said.

Around 48% of people over 80 have gotten at least one vaccine dose in Grand Forks County.

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