Man arrested for allegedly assaulting officer at Bismarck Airport

The police officer sustained minor injuries, including lacerations which required stitches, according to the Bismarck Police Department.

FSA North Dakota news brief
North Dakota news brief
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BISMARCK — A 34-year-old man was arrested on Monday, March 14, for allegedly assaulting a police officer at the Bismarck Airport, resulting in minor injuries for the officer, according to the Bismarck Police Department.

Around 11 a.m. on Monday, a police officer stationed at the airport was called to check on Christopher Fonseca, who was allegedly bothering passengers waiting in the security line, the Bismarck Police Department said in a release. While the officer went to the airport's security office to see whether Fonseca was a ticketed passenger, Fonseca left his belongings near the main check-in area and headed towards the bathrooms, according to the release.

The officer escorted Fonseca back to his belongings and informed him that if he didn't have a plane ticket he would need to leave the airport. Bismarck Police say that Fonseca then charged at the officer and began to hit him in the face and body. The officer sustained minor injuries, including some lacerations which required stitches, the release said.

Airport employees and a bystander assisted the officer to get Fonseca into handcuffs, according to Bismarck Police. Both Fonseca and the officer were taken to a local hospital.

Fonseca was taken to the Burleigh Morton Detention Center for aggravated assault on law enforcement, and authorities found brass knuckles in his possession when he was booked. Fonseca's mugshot was not taken as of midday on Tuesday, according to the Burleigh Morton Detention Center, but it declined to say why.


Fonseca was not charged with assault relating to the Bismarck Airport incident as of midday Tuesday, according to court records.

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