North Dakota bill that would create minimum student threshold for superintendents appears dead after hearing

No one testified in favor of the bill during the House Education Committee's hearing on the bill.

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Representative Ruby testifies in front of the House Education Committee Wednesday, Jan. 25.
Screenshot from legislative stream

BISMARCK — The controversial Students and Taxpayers Opportunity Act appears to be dead after testimonies were heard by the House Education Committee on Wednesday, Jan. 25.

Rep. Matthew Ruby, R-Minot, who introduced House Bill 1251 , said Wednesday he had received a lot of emotional response against the act that would eliminate more than 60 superintendent jobs in the state.

"Like I said, there is still some discussions that we can have around this conversation, but I think forcing a shared superintendent isn't going to work quite like I intended," he said.

The bill would make one superintendent oversee a minimum of 475 students and cap their pay. It was projected to save the state up to $13 million a year and would help increase teacher pay. School districts under the 475-student threshold would have to share a superintendent with another district.

No one testified in support of the bill at the hearing on Wednesday.


Ruby hopes to implement some new ideas into the bill to help ease some of the concerns. No action has been taken on the bill by the committee. Representative Ruby did not say when he would re-work the bill.

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