FARGO — For the first time in around two years, peregrine falcon chicks have been found in a nest on top of the Bank of the West tower in downtown Fargo.

The four chicks are about two weeks old, according to regional raptor expert Tim Driscoll, who came to Fargo from Grand Forks Thursday, June 13, to put tracking bands on the legs of the birds.

The father is said to be a falcon named Annie, who was mis-banded as female. He is originally from Winnipeg and is around 8 years old, Driscoll said.

Peregrine falcons, which are considered the fastest member of the animal kingdom, have made their home on top of the 122-foot Bank of the West tower since 2001. While making a dive, called a stoop, they can reach speeds in excess of 200 mph, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Driscoll, who is a is licensed bander who’s been following peregrines for more than a decade said banding the birds can help experts keep track of them when they migrate south for the winter.

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"If that bird is found dead — heaven forbid — in Texas or Mexico, then we'll know where it went," Driscoll explained.