FARGO — At about 5 weeks old, the four peregrine falcon chicks found on top of the Bank of the West tower are expected to begin flying any day now.

Peregrines and their chicks have made the tower their home for almost 20 years, but the four chicks found in mid-June were the first after a two-year absence.

After the chicks, two male and two female, were weighed and banded by regional raptor expert Tim Driscoll, who came to Fargo from Grand Forks, they were ready to be named.

Bank of the West employees were encouraged to suggest names for the chicks, which were then voted on in a two-step process.

More than 45 male and 40 female names were suggested, but after careful deliberation, four were chosen — Zeus, Stormy, Willow and Savanna, the latter of which was chosen to honor Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind.

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Greywind, 22, was eight months pregnant when she was murdered in Fargo in August 2017, and her baby was cut from her womb. The baby girl survived the ordeal and was placed in the custody of her father.

Brooke Crews, 40, is serving a life sentence without parole for conspiring to murder LaFontaine-Greywind and kidnap her baby. Crews’ then-boyfriend William Hoehn, 33, was found not guilty of conspiring to commit murder but is serving life in prison with the possibility of parole after pleading guilty to lying to police and kidnapping.