HALLOCK, Minn. — A Minnesota family had an unexpected and very large guest drop by their house.

Hallock resident Kelsey Moore captured a video of a wandering bear in her family's yard on Sunday, April 5.

Moore said her family was startled by the animal around 8:30 p.m. when they saw it walk past their patio window.

The bear then moved to a garage building where it peeked into the windows.

Eventually, the bear turned its attention to Moore's husband's pickup truck.

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Moore said she was shocked when the bear climbed on top of the vehicle and began shaking it.

According to Moore, her husband had a couple of bags of garbage under the truck's cover that he had planned on dropping off at the dump the next day.

The bear eventually gave up trying to get at the garbage and climbed down from the truck before wandering off again.