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The 'Perfect' Kidnapping of Virginia Piper: Read the 3-part series today

Over the past three weeks, Forum Communications investigated one of the most successful kidnappings in U.S. History. Here is the complete report.

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Virginia "Ginny" Piper, shown shortly after she was rescued from her kidnapping ordeal in Jay Cooke State Park. Author William Swanson said her personality helped her survive the ordeal. “She was very, very popular. She was beautiful. She was funny. Despite the money, everybody considered her very easy to know and unpretentious,” he said. Photo courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society and Piper family / Special to The Vault

In the summer of 1972, the Watergate scandal was about to erupt and “The Godfather” was tearing it up at the box office.

Meanwhile in Minnesota, one of the most baffling and mysterious crimes in the state’s history was about to unfold - a “whodunnit” to the nth degree, with twists and turns - convictions, appeals and reversals – and is even oddly connected to the brutal mass killing at a farm far from the big city lights of Minneapolis St. Paul.

Here is the story of the 'perfect' kidnapping of Virginia Piper.

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