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When journalists go missing: Listen to part 2 of Dakota Spotlight's The Man From Un

When podcast host James Wolner travelled to Europe recently, his vacation was quickly sidetracked by a suspicious drowning and international secrets. Listen to part 2 of The Man From Un.

Friends Sajid Hussain and Karima Baloch were both found dead in water in 2020.
Sajid Hussain reported on drug trafficking and enforced dissappearances in Baluchistan, Pakistan He was found dead in the Fyris River outside of Uppsala, Sweden in April of 2020.
Contributed / friends of Sajid Hussain

In part 2 of The Man From Un, my daughter and I travel to a small apartment in Sweden to speak with a man who knew both Sajid Hussain and Karima Baloch.

Listen to Part 2 of Dakota Spotlight's new story The Man From Un.


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