FARGO — Drivers rejoice: Two road construction projects causing commuter headaches are reopening to traffic.

Center Avenue, Moorhead

In Moorhead, Center Avenue and the Center Avenue Bridge are reopened. Commuters will notice the road has been restriped to three lanes; eastbound and westbound driving lanes and a center turning lane. This change is part of the Center Avenue Corridor Study to improve safety after receiving input from residents and business owners last fall.

Within the next week, the traffic signal light at Center Avenue and 7th Street/Center Mall Avenue will be removed and replaced with a southbound stop sign. This change was also recommended as part of the Center Avenue Corridor Study to improve traffic flow.

10th Street North, Fargo

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Later today, Tuesday, July 16, crews will open the 10th Street North underpass to a single lane of northbound traffic.

University Drive will remain single lane as one-way southbound traffic is restored to two lanes by the end of the week. The second driving lane in the 10th Street North underpass will reopen later in the week, with a moving lane closure as crews finish roadway grinding and install permanent pavement road markings.

By the end of the week, all head-to-head detour traffic control on University Drive between 7th Avenue and 4th Avenue North intersections will be removed in downtown Fargo.

Initially drivers will encounter one single southbound driving lane on University Drive through 7th Avenue to 4th Avenue North intersections. Once head-to-head traffic is removed, crews will need to remove the temporary roadway markings, traffic signals and signage used for the detour route. Two southbound University Drive lanes will be restored by Saturday, July 20.

In the railroad underpass, work on the east sidewalk remains diverting pedestrian traffic to the west side for travel through the underpass. Crews anticipate opening the east side and completing the remaining project needs under traffic with an mobile unit by the end of the following week.

This year, crews completed the installation of the remaining underground utilities, roadway and sidewalk improvements through the underpass and finished the remaining sidewalk, driveway, boulevard grading, roadway grinding and profiling, installation of permanent roadway striping and installed bus shelters between 4th Avenue North to 13th Avenue North.

The new storm sewer lift station built in the underpass last year became connected to the city-wide system and operational this year. The new lift station is more than 20 feet below the top of the east underpass wall. The original pump station was built in 1977 making the pumps and controls over 41 years old. The pump station was previously maintained by the railroad.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation and City of Fargo 10th Street North reconstruction project needs included:

  • Upgrade 10th Street N between 4th – 12th Avenue North intersection from a rural to urban roadway.

  • Improve pavement conditions and ride quality of the 30 year-old roadway.

  • Complete area infrastructure improvements and upgrade aging facilities of storm sewer, water main and sanitary sewer.

  • Improve load-carrying capacity.

  • Upgrade pedestrian facilities, traffic signals and lighting to improve safety features.

On average, about 13,800 drivers and trucks use this roadway stretch daily, as well as traffic on the on-road bicycle path on 10th Street North.