FARGO — The Fargodome has been around for almost 30 years, and the Fargo Authority Board is looking to keep its legacy going.

Talks are underway (albeit on hold) which would consider making more space in the concourse and seating to fit more fans at the dome — a project that would cost roughly $50 million.

But this isn't the first time the building has gone through changes or talks of changes.

"They've been wanting to do a convention center, there's been talk of even ice rinks through the years," said NDSU archive assistant John Hallberg.

If this newest project idea does go forward, it will add to a history of changes the building has gone through.

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27 meetings, 27 pitches

The dome has housed many events over the years, ranging from concerts to Bison football games.

The idea for it was actually pitched in 1987 by then-Fargo Parks Superintendent Bob Johnson.

He sold his pitch at 27 different meetings across town to get the project up and running.

It then came to a vote on a 0.5 cent sales tax.

People in Fargo voted "yes" on the tax, and the project was underway.

Hallberg did some digging and found that the original design of the Fargodome was actually rounded.

"At some point in time, the architects determined that it'd be better if it was more of a rectangular-shaped building, it was a better setup for concerts and that type of thing, things that they envisioned the building would be used for," he said.

The building eventually opened in 1992, and the first Bison football game was held there the following year.