FARGO — Fargo city commissioners are discussing a plan to reduce congestion and improve safety along 17th Avenue.

They are weighing installing two-way bike lanes from University Drive to 25th Street and looking to add a couple of miniature roundabouts from 25th to 38th Street. If the plans are approved, the entire road going from 25th Street to 38th Street would need to be re-paved.

KLJ Engineer Mike Bitters said both the lanes and roundabouts would make it safer for bikers to ride on the street, control the speed of traffic and would lead to fewer crashes.

"Seventeenth (Avenue) has really been identified time and again as a corridor, the biking community really wants to have to connect east and west throughout the city," Bitters said. "We have multiple parks, schools and a variety of different connections."

Right now, there is no timeline for when commissioners would vote on the plan.