FARGO — As kids get ready for the first couple days of school, work crews have also been paying attention to when classes begin.

Crews worked all summer to get projects surrounding schools done in time for fall.

"We try to get the major lifting - major reconstruction done in front of the schools by the time - at least a couple weeks ahead of time before starts," said Jeremy Gordon, Transportation Engineer for the City of Fargo.

McKinley North and Eagle Elementary are the only Fargo public schools that will be surrounded with orange as crews work to repave roads.

As parents rush to maneuver around construction and drop off their kids, the city of Fargo says it's better to come prepared.

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"The biggest thing is maybe planning your route too. Maybe take a look at it today just to see what may be in the way just when school hits. Because I know there's a lot of pressure, a lot of stress on the first day of school, so just plan your route," Gordon said.

Parents taking their kids to school may want to head out the door early to make sure their kids make it to school on time.