FARGO — Major road project in southwest Fargo and West Fargo that have been causing detours as well as traffic congestion since spring will wrap up soon, though the order is still unknown.

However, both the Sheyenne Street reconstruction in West Fargo and the 52nd Avenue South expansion to four lanes in Fargo should be done in early November.

Sheyenne Street is likely to open first, possibly by Nov. 1. That's when the final stretch that was paved earlier this month is expected to open between 32nd Avenue West and 38th Avenue West. That six-block section has been closed all summer, while most other sections of the roadway had closed lanes or have already opened.

The medians and bike path concrete work is expected to be completed on that six-block stretch by the end of this week. Trees will also be planted along the roadway this week. A flashing red signal light on the 38th Avenue intersection is expected to be operational by early this week.

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Farther to the north, lane closures are still found as work on the medians and the newly expanded Sheyenne River diversion bridge is causing one or more lane closures from north of the Interstate 94 interchange to 26th Avenue West. Work on the sidewalk under I-94 and the new interchange ramps is expected to be completed this week.

When done, the $60 million corridor reconstruction project will involve Sheyenne Street running in three lanes in each direction from near the interchange south to 32nd Avenue, where it will then turn into two lanes in each direction with turning lanes to 40th Avenue. There will also be six stoplights along the street when they are installed at Christianson Drive near the interchange and then at 26th Avenue, 29th Avenue, 32nd Avenue, 38th Avenue and 40th Avenue.

As for 52nd Avenue, it won't be far behind the opening of Sheyenne Street.

This past week, traffic was opened on both sides of the four-lane from 45th Street South to Veterans Boulevard, but only in one lane in each direction as crews are continuing work on the medians. However, the second or southside bridge over the drainage ditch is open for the first time. Street lights are now operating in that stretch of roadway.

To the west, the avenue remains closed from Veterans Boulevard to 63rd Avenue.

The entire roadway should be open in early November, although the only part of the $19 million project that won't be done is some sidewalks west of Veterans Boulevard where it's been hard to get a base in because of all of the wet weather.

In other project updates:

Second Street South in Fargo: The final street that has been under reconstruction and closed off in downtown Fargo should be open by the end of October, according to City Division Engineer Nathan Boerboom.

He said the street was closed because of the new flood wall and it is nearing completion. The street surface is completed, but striping and some final finishing work is needed before it opens by Oct. 31. Crews successfully tested flood gates that will close off the street if a flood occurs, Boerboom said.

He said some work on a plaza in the area, as well as some painting work on the flood wall, will have to wait until spring.

University Drive underpass in north Fargo: A sewer repair project on the bakery has closed one lane through the underpass on University Drive North in downtown Fargo. City Engineer Brenda Derrig said the repair work should be completed by mid-week.