MOORHEAD — Crews who are working through the winter have reached the 63% completion mark on the Southeast Main Avenue underpass in Moorhead, but it still looks like drivers will have to wait until the fall to use the new roadway.

Tom Trowbridge, Moorhead's assistant city engineer, said the three railroad bridges involved in the complicated two-year project are behind the delays. The first two bridges with BNSF and Otter Tail Valley Railroad tracks have to be completed before another bridge for BNSF can be done.

He said the first two bridges should be erected by June, but it'll take a few more months after that to finish the third bridge.

Crew are "continuing to make progress" on the project, he said, as they work on retaining walls, bridge footings, bridge piers and a lift station that will pump water from the lower levels of the underpass.

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Trowbridge said the outside of the lift station was completed last year, but crews are now working on the "guts" of the structure.

Ames Construction and subcontractors can work on some phases of the project through the winter as they use plastic coverings and heaters to continue work. Roadway and underground utility construction, however, is on hold until spring.

Residents are asked to be aware that crews will be moving in and out of the area as work continues.

"We are trying to get the project done as early as we possibly can," Trowbridge said. But he said it's hard to predict how work will go.

He said early fall looks like the date drivers will be able to drive through what was once a congested rail crossing intersection with Main Avenue and 20th and 21st Streets.