FARGO — Ashley Helgeson was busy Monday, Oct. 19, putting air in her tires making sure her car is ready for the storm, and she's not alone.

"Some are excited, some are like 'winter is here'," said Fargo Department of Transportation superintendent Kent Leysring.

At the DOT garage, 45 plows will be out and about Tuesday before the sun comes up. They plan on using mostly salt and sand, hoping to melt the snow on the roads as it falls so they won't need to drop the plows. They weren't out dropping brine Monday because they did that for Saturday's storm.

"It will last for a few days if you don't have a high rate of moisture, it will stay on," explained Leysring.

"Don't out-drive your common sense," said Sgt. Jesse Grabow with the Minnesota State Patrol.

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Troopers warning drivers to slow down and allow more time as conditions can change from one town to the next. And not all drivers will make smart choices. More than a dozen crashes were reported around the metro Friday. Most of them had one common denominator.

"A lot of the biggest problems, bridge decks, overpasses, on and off ramps, intersections," said Grabow.

It's a freighting forecast for some, with others hoping for sunnier days to come.

"It's too early, it has to be a nice Halloween, not a snowy Halloween," said Helgeson.

"I'm looking forward to summer. Hopefully soon," said Abdula.

Grabow also wants to remind drivers that when the flakes are falling to turn on your headlights, saying they have received a lot of complaints about that issue.