Not a spot in sight: Fargo truck stops filled to the brim during interstate closures

FARGO — North Dakota Interstate highways are open again after a mid-week storm shut down travel across the state, but not before it left hundreds of truckers scrounging for a place to park in Fargo.

The lot of the Love's Travel Stops location in south Fargo was lined with 160 semis on Thursday night, March 15, which according to staff is over capacity by nearly 75 trucks.

Some drivers had better luck than others finding a spot.

"Kind of got here fairly early," said trucker Trevor Koots. "I'm tucked in really nicely, so I didn't have that problem."

For dozens of other drivers, overcrowding meant parking in places usually off-limits to trucks.

"They were cramming trucks any which way they could find," Koots said.

Some drivers were turned away or were told to leave because more trucks in the Love's lot would violate the fire code. Drivers were forced to circle the lot until spots opened up.

"All these guys coming around doing circles, I've seen the same guy coming around two three, four times now. It gets really bad," said Zane Burnham, who arrived in Fargo Friday afternoon and was still feeling the effects from the highway closures.

"We deal with this all the time. It's a constant hazard of our trade," he said.