WATCH: Moorhead police caution placement over price for home security cameras

Home security camera catches burglar walking up to house.jpg

MOORHEAD — A video of a man wearing a mask and walking up to a home was posted on the NextDoor app on Friday, Dec. 7.

Then a few hours later, the security camera caught police officers walking around the yard, investigating.

The home security camera belongs to Rebecca Anderson. She said she decided to get a camera about a month ago when her car was broken into.

"Ever since then I was like, 'You know, it might not prevent it from happening, but at least if it happens we have evidence and it can assist police more,' " Anderson said.


To get a full view of her home, Anderson placed one camera up high in a tree near the sidewalk.

Moorhead Police Captain Deric Swenson said, when it comes to catching criminals, it's not just about having the most expensive tech, it's about where you put it. And there's been a few times in which poorly placed equipment has slowed officers from investigating.

"If you're gonna invest in the cameras, invest in the time putting them in," Swenson said. "We want to make sure they capture what we want them to capture. So, those shots of being able to actually see the face ... any identifiable clothing ... that type of thing."

He said the best thing is to have them a bit higher up, that way you can see the surroundings as well. This helps them figure out which way the perp is going. And it helps homeowners, like Anderson, warn others in her neighborhood about any suspicious activity.

"Honestly, at first I was like, 'What's this guy doing?' I don't like to think negatively all the time, but he looked like he was up to no good," Anderson said.

Officers have identified the burglar as Jean Edward Roubideaux.

Roubideaux is being charged with burglary and trespassing. He's being held in Clay County Jail. He was also arrested for burglary in September and robbery in 2009 in Moorhead.

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